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motek essentials provides all organic and clean products from the earth to your hands. It all started in my tiny kitchen, where synthetic ingredients are forbidden and uncompromising quality reigns. I’ve always appreciated the beauty of simple recipes homemade from organic, healthy ingredients.

Unlike a lot of beauty products out there, mine are formulated completely from scratch, and I know exactly what’s in each jar and how wonderfully it will work for you.

I hand-pour each moisturizing lotion bar, candle, massage and face oil. All are free of phthalates and parabens.
High quality butters are combined with anti-inflammatory oils and essential oils to help the body find homeostasis and to ease tired muscles, while promoting hydration and giving the body a luminous glow.

Targeting the cause, and not necessarily the symptoms, can also help reverse the signs of premature aging and restore damaged-looking skin with a holistic approach. Our products are concentrated to intensely nourish the skin—a little goes a long way. All of our products are eco-friendly, recyclable, and mostly locally sourced. They are packaged in sustainable, packaging.

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