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Our Story

I am an active massage and colon therapist, cosmetologist, and certified hatha yoga instructor. I practice modalities of shiatsu, lymphatic drainage, cranial sacral, prenatal, and Thai massage with aromatherapy. I have also had a lifelong passion for cooking healthy food.

While practicing massage, I really wanted to help my clients with a product that would soothe tired muscles and dry skin. I began experimenting with a few of my favorite ingredients: cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter, and arnica. I found that the results were transformational.

As cocoa butter is rock-hard in its natural state, I wondered how I could make it easier to apply without diluting its raw power. I learned to gently use low heat to combine pure cocoa butter, mango and shea butter, beeswax and other high quality essential oils in tiny batches to preserve the richness of their natural essential fatty acids.

Once I developed a solid recipe, the foundation of motek essentials was born: a solid moisturizer that glides on like silk without leaving a sticky wax feeling, and is free from the preservatives, synthetics, and stabilizers traditionally used to make lotion bars. I then began to make deliciously scented hand-poured candles from coconut and apricot wax, body scrubs with real sugar canes, and other natural products borne from my passion to facilitate a balanced and restorative spa experience for everyone, everywhere.